All Seasons Bendigo

Tint Central products, tools and services consistently push the Central Victoria window film market in terms of technology, quality and applications. For many years Tint Central Bendigo premium quality window films have been used for automotive, commercial, government and residential applications.

Tint Central products are only available via a global network of window film professionals – trained to properly assess your needs and install the optimum product.

Below: Recent installation of quality window tint at the All Seasons Hotel Bendigo by Tint Central. Continue reading

Security Window Film

We have some very exciting Security Window Film footage that’s just hit YouTube today and you are one of the first in Australia to get the link. Who do you know that may get tempted to install some safety – Security Window Film to help delay gaining entry into a premises?

This video shows real life footage of a Hotel in Queensland being broken into. Thanks to the right advice from local Solar Gard Dealer, Bluewater Industries, the Hotel had Solar Gard Armocoat® Security window film installed and the results certainly speak for themselves.
If you would like to have Solar Gard Security film installed on your Home, Office or Commercial premises, please contact us via our contact page. Continue reading

Safety Window Films

Safety Window Films: Optically clear Solar Gard® commercial Armorcoat safety tints are colourless and undetectable on glass, which makes them the perfect protection retrofit. Unlike many other Safety Window Films,Tint Central Armorcoat clear safety tints are non-reflective so it is virtually invisible on your windows. You maintain the natural appearance of your windows day or night. There is no mirror effect or detectable change to the glass surface so your windows look clear, bright and beautiful. Continue reading